About Alex & CCL

Calibration Coffee Lab opened its doors in September of 2022. This business has been a dream of mine for quite some time. 

I began my journey into specialty coffee around 2010. Like most people, before being introducing to specialty coffee, I was drinking dark, over roasted commodity coffee with lots of cream and/or sugar. My first foray into specialty coffee likely came from coffee home roasted by my father. 

At that time around 2009-2010, I was living and working in Houston, TX. I had a couple of home roasting machines that I began to play around with and roast my own coffee. This was before really tasting specialty coffee at a shop. Around this same time, I noticed certain coffee shops and roasters popping up in the area serving specialty coffee. I have to say it was probably the Ethiopian coffee that really stuck with me as something very special. I had never tasted blueberry or peach in my coffee. 

After I almost burned my house down from a small kitchen roaster fire, I decided to build a larger outdoor roaster so I could roast a full pound at a time. After many, many years of modifications to that roaster and countless cups of poor coffee, I learned a little about the fickle nature of coffee. 

A decade later, I still use this roaster (a combination of hobby motors, bbq pits, turkey fryers, beer brewing burners, thermocouples, and computer interfaces) to roast samples for my business. 

When I was blessed with the opportunity to try my hand at commercial roasting, I decided to leave it up to experts at Mill City Roasters to provide me with a state-of the-the-art machine. 

Calibration Coffee Lab is located in Greenville, SC. See the "Find Us" page for the most up to date information on events and where to find me in addition to buying online. 

For more about my journey you can listen Here on Spotify. 

Thanks for checking us out!

-Alex, Owner/Roaster