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Coffee for the Coffee Enthusiast

Calibration Coffee Lab is a passion project for me and the rebirth of my career. This business allows me to participate in a coffee bean's journey from the coffee plant at origin all the way to your cup.

Many things have to go right in a bean's journey for you to have an amazing cup of coffee. My goal is to respect & honor the work that farmers, workers, and importers do to get that bean here by roasting it in a way that highlights all the potential that the bean has to offer.

I personally sample and roast many offerings, carefully selecting beans that offer the best flavor potential when brewed. 

I analyze all of my roasts and put in the effort required to create the best experience for my customers, and I will try and guide buyers to purchase and brew the types of coffee that they like. I've spent many sleepless nights thinking about how I can get more sweetness and chocolate out of a Central American bean or more tropical fruit out of an African coffee. 

My goal is to roast coffees that can stand on their own to be enjoyed by the home coffee enthusiast. Let me obsess over the sourcing and roasting so that you can obsess over the brew.