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Ethiopia Shanta Golba

Ethiopia Shanta Golba

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Grade 1 Ethiopia Shanta Golba comes to us from the Shanta Golba washing station in Sidama, Ethiopia. This coffee is roasted in a way to highlight the delicate and nuanced flavors present in this amazing bean. Expect a velvety mouthfeel with a honey sweetness, notes of strawberry jam, and fresh raspberry, lemon, and floral notes like orange blossom. 

This coffee can be brewed in a variety of ways, but be sure to try it as a pour-over at a 15:1 ratio to really experience some of the nuanced flavors.

Notes of interest from our importer: Shanta Golba is a washing station in the Bensa region of Sidama, Ethiopia. Shanta Golba uses strict ripe cherry specifications and typically only uses the middle to end of harvest for the highest grades as these are typically the highest elevation coffees. Coffee usually dries for roughly 18 days here due to the use of natural shade trees over the raised beds.

The Sidama region is known for producing the most coffee at the highest grades in Ethiopia, and the geography explains why this is. This region spreads across fertile highlands, where half of the land is cultivated. The surrounding rivers and lakes along with the very high elevation results in cool weather and fertile soil. These factors, in combination with over 100 inches of rainfall per year, cause the coffee to ripen slower than in any other region in Ethiopia. There are over 50 cooperatives and 200 washing stations throughout Sidama.

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